Financial Policy

Our doctor and staff are proud to be a team whose primary mission is to deliver the finest and most comprehensive periodontal services available today. We are concerned about your dental care and want to ensure you that it is performed in the most responsible manner. In order to assist you with the investment in your dental health, we have outlined our payment policy.


Our office will contact your insurance and obtain information through the phone or the internet. We will explain to you the information your insurance gives us about your co-payments prior to your treatment. You may request a copy of the treatment plan so you can call your insurance to verify your coverage. If there is a clause in your policy which causes your insurance not to pay the expected portion, it will be your responsibility to pay the balance of the bill and to try to resolve the issue with your insurance.

For treatments which require us to order high-cost items such as implants, bone grafting material or certain medical supplies, we request pre-payment of these supplies prior to your treatment. If you decide not to proceed with the treatment and you have prepaid for a service, you may receive a complete refund. However this refund policy does not apply for only one specific item which is called INFUSE that is used for major bone grafting procedures. This item is unique, and we cannot return it to the manufacturer for a refund.


1) For patients with no insurance coverage, we request 20% payment prior to your treatment.
The balance will be due on the day of the treatment.

2) For patients with dental benefits, we request payment of the portion the insurance will not cover prior to your treatment.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, personal checks and cash as form of payment. There is a fee of $25 for each returned check.

We offer CareCredit as a form of monthly payments (6-month payment plan only). For the automated phone application for CareCredit call (800)365-8295. Online Application go to


Please understand that we allow long periods of time for your treatment, and if you cannot come to your appointment please call us as soon as possible to re-schedule your appointment. Patients who fail to come to their appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours may be charged a fee. We only appoint one patient per treatment period and if you do not come to your appointment the doctor he will be idle during your scheduled time.